Friday, December 11, 2009

An Appeal on Behalf of those in Iran’s DEATH ROW

The other day
when I learned the news
I gave my word to the village
I promised to the world
that I don’t let this happen
My sister is in DEATH ROW

Subsequent to the fraudulent presidential election of June 2009, the Iranian regime is treating the Iranian people worse than an occupation force might do. Every dissident voice is silenced through intimidation, imprisonment, torture, rape, and street killing. Currently we see the beginnings of a new wave of executions, reminiscent of what happened to the Iranian opposition in the 1980s. On November 11, Ehsan Fattahian was hanged to die. His original sentence of 10 years imprisonment was converted to the death penalty by the Appeals Court. Such a move contravenes even the laws governing the Iranian judiciary system.

Since then, the Iranian regime has continued to add to the list of those consigned to its DEATH ROW. Among the latest victim is the female Kurdish political activist, Zeinab Jalalian.

The IRI DEATH ROW now contains at least 24 prisoners. It has become a macabre reflection of the people of Iran in its entirety, with its many ethnic groups, religious faiths and political affiliations. It includes 18 Kurdish prisoners, 3 accused of affiliation with pro-monarchist groups and 3 members of the People’s Mojahedin Group. What seems common to them all, according to this regime, is their enmity towards God (Moharabeh)

We the signatories of this letter call on the people of the world and their governments to raise their voices in defence of innocent lives in Iran and to denounce these executions.

We urge you to create local committees with the participation of women’s organisations and launch a full fight to get the maximum awareness and reaction to Zeinab impending execution.

We urge all those in a position of authority, at any level, including members of governments, parliamentary representatives, and all other elected officials to break their silence and to condemn the death sentences in Iran.

We ask cultural, artistic, sportive, scientific, academic and human right figures to join our appeal and to raise its visibility

We ask you to sign and promote the “Save IRAN from executions ” Petition, urging UN to vote for a Security Council Resolution condemning these death sentences.

Please help us save our sister Zeinab as well as all others confined to this SHAME ROW. We cannot avert our gaze, once more, and allow further atrocities to take place.

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