Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Save IRAN from Executions!

Save IRAN from executions!
Excellency Ban Ki-Moon,

Excellency Ban Ki-Moon,

Following the presidential elections of June 2009 and ensuing peaceful protests from Iranians challenging the results, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is engaged in the systematic suppression of all forms of dissent. From street beatings to torture, rape, disappearance, to formal executions - the Iranian regime has violated even its own laws. In two cases the appeal court has converted the sentences from imprisonment to Execution by hanging.

Iran is party to a number of United Nations Treaties, all of which acknowledge the right to life of every human being. We believe that Iran should be pressured to uphold the international human rights standards to which it has acceded.

Today more than 60 political prisoners are in the DEATH ROW awaiting the final act. The news that we have received recently indicate that Zeinab Jalalian, a Kurdish freedom fighter of 27, might be executed at any moment.

Concerning our sister Zeinab Jalalian we urge you to join our effort to achieve following targets: 
1- The Death Sentence of Zeynab Jalalian should be immediately cancelled. 
2- Her family and lawyer should get access to her. 
3- An independent medical committee from international Human Rights organizations to examine physical and mental conditions of our sister, and to apply treatments. 

Accordingly, we respectfully urge you to use your office:

• To bring these violations of basic human rights to the attention of the world community
• To ask the UN Security Council to condemn the recent executions in Iran
• To request a cessation of all executions by the Islamic Republic of Iran.
• To demand Iran’s compliance with the provisions of the Article 6 of ICCPR.

A list of prisoners follows. This list might change day by day as some of may be hanged (often w.ith no notice being given to their families) and some new names might be added. We try to update the list here. 

Kurdish prisoners:
Zeinab Jalalian
Shirkou Moarefi
Habib Latifi
Sami Hosseini
Jamal Mohammadi
Rostam Arkia
Rashid Akhkandi
Hossein Khezri
Mostafa Salimi
Anwar Rostami
Iraj Mohammadi
Mohammad Amin Agooshi
Ahmad Poladkhani
Hassan Talei
Mohammad Amin Abdollahi
Ghader Mohammadzadeh
Aziz Mohammadzadeh

Pisoners from Tehran:

Ali Saremi
Ayub Porkar
Ahmad Karimi
Nasser Abdolhosseini
Amir Reza Arefi
Alireza Rami Kheirabadi
Khaled Hardani
Shah Ghalei
Abbas Deldar

Prisoners from Sistan and Baloochestan 

Abdolrahman Narooie
Abed Gehram Zahi
Abdoljalil Rigi
Mohamoud Rigi
Nasser Shebakhshi
Ali Sa’edi
Valid Nisi
Mahed Faradipour
Daer Mahavi
Maher Mahavi
Ahmad Sa’edi
Yousef Loftepour

Prisoners from Ahvaz

Avdeh Afravi
Ali Reza Salmandalafi
Ali Halafi
Moslem Alhaei
Abdolreza Navasari
Yahiyeh Nasseri
Abdolayeman Za’eri
Nazem Berihi
Abdolreza Halichi
Zamal Bavi
Reysan Savari
Leyla Kabi

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