Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Zeinab’s life in danger

Following Women’s Day
On the eve of Norouz
One of our sisters is dragged around
From jail to dungeon
From dungeon to nowhere

This is
the Tyrant’s present to her
Seventeen years ago, the ten-year-old girl living in a village in Kurdistan ran away from home because her parents didn’t let her go to school. In those days, and in that village, the only school that could accept a rebellious girl like her was the one run by a political Kurd group opposing the central government.
The girl, now 27, is Zeynab Jalalian. Today she, along with other sisters and brothers, is in the DEATH ROW, awaiting her death sentence.  

Only two days following Women’s International Day, we hear of the present of Islamic Republic of Iran to her.

Yesterday, Zeynab’s attorney in Kurdistan informed us that she has been moved from jail to Information Office for new rounds of interrogations, and most likely, to prepare the execution “ceremony”.
One month after her transfer, no responsible of the IRI prison had informed anybody about her situation; not even her family or attorney. Now, they don’t let her attorney or family get in touch with her, not even by phone.

Today, we are not even sure if Zeynab is still alive.

Considering the record of the many prisoners being killed under torture in Iranian jails, including Zahra Kazemi, the Iranian-Canadian journalist and photographer, this is not a baseless fear.

No one knows if she has any strength left under the tortures, or if the reason for her being prevented of any visit is that she's been put in such a tragic status.
We, the participant of the campaign insist on the following;

1-   The death sentence of our sister, Zeynab, to be immediately cancelled.
2-   Her family and attorney to be immediately allowed the right of visiting her.
3-   An independent medical committee from international Human Rights organizations to examine physical and mental health of our sister, and to apply treatments.

We call upon all the freedom lovers worldwide, who have not left Iranians alone during the hardest moments of our battle during the past months, to raise their voices, and not let this inhuman crime to happen, before it gets too late.  

You are all invited to sign the following petition, and promote it:

Together, we can save the life of those whom we care about!

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